Zen Gardens

  • Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

    Versatile BBQ Cooking

    Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

    + free shipping

  • BBQ Grill Mat

    Versatile BBQ Cooking

    BBQ Grill Mat
    • Set of 2 matts
    • Safe non stick material
    • Stops food from falling into cracks
  • Smokeless Stovetop BBQ Grill

    The Perfect BBQ Accessory

    Smokeless Stovetop BBQ Grill
    • For us with electric, gas or propane stoves
    • Allows you to barbecue year round
    • Non stick surface makes cooking easy
  • Silicone BBQ/Oven Gloves

    Clever New Gloves

    Silicone BBQ/Oven Gloves
    • FDA Approved Silicone
    • No-Slip Five Finger Design
    • Heat-Resistant to 425 Degrees
  • Scandanavian Mini Barbeque

    Small and Stylish

    Scandanavian Mini Barbeque
    • Scandinavian design creates best flavour
    • Compact shape ideal for storage
    • Perfect for summer feats

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  • Outdoor Gas Heater

    Stay Warm Outside

    Outdoor Gas Heater
    • Keep the outdoor party going longer
    • Adjustable temperature controls
    • Safe and economic design

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  • Ornate Clay Cimenea

    Decorative and keeps you warm

    Ornate Clay Cimenea
    • Decoration for you garden
    • Keeps everyone warm in the evenings
    • Gorgeous Design

    + free shipping