Wooden Bed Frames

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About our Wooden Bed Frames

Great Value
Metal beds offer a reliable and versatile place to sleep every night with a wide variety of styles from simple to ornate. Amazing value pairs well with the robust and sturdy metal bed frames that will last for years to come. Our brilliant finishes include Cooper Chrome, Rustica, modern Ebony, Iced Black, and Glossy White to name a few. The sleek and chic radiance of finished cast iron and steel gives each set a dynamic, textured luster that’s high-minded without impacting your budget. We carefully handpick our metal beds so you can find the right balance and uniformity that coordinates with any décor. An extra benefit to metal bed frames is that most, if not all, do not require a box spring—yet they still provide healthful comfort and support for tranquil sleep.

Build Your Zen Bedroom
Our selection of premium metal beds covers every style and design type, ensuring that you’ll find the bedroom centerpiece that you love. Everyone has different preferences, and our wide-ranging selection comes in diverse colors and details, so you find the one that’s right for you. Coming to know your own style is an exciting process—so we recommend you fearlessly take notice of the effervescent accent details: finials, florid grills and patterning, slopping side rails, spindle trims, and geometric lineation.

We Have Your Bed
Our beds are made from the best materials, assembled with care by our bedroom professionals, and sold to you under the comfort and protection of the Zen Guarantee. We offer secure and convenient on-line purchasing with a hassle-free 7 day return policy. The source of our bed selection comes from the fusion of extensive research paired with analytical insight into expert and customer feedback. We are proud to offer a beautiful range of popular and fashionable products that will impress without prompting a renegotiation of your budget.