Pure White Goose Down Pillow

"Heavenly Sleeper"--a class of its own

Product details

  • 100% Pure White Down Goose Stuffing
  • 500 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton casing
  • Our most luxurious pillow
  • Made from the finest materials

Product benefits

  • Luxurious, naturally sourced pillow
  • Suitable for the majority of sleeping positions
Pure White Goose Down Pillow

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Product Features

100% pure white goose down filling

Treat yourself to the sleep you deserve--goose down is renowned for being the softest and most deluxe stuffing.

Quill proof casing

It's 100% Egyptian cotton at a 500 thread count. You can't get softer than this.

Our most luxurious pillow

When it comes to your sleep, trust in nature's finest.

Made from first-class materials

We use only the purest Egyptian cotton and premium goose down to ensure a heavenly sleep.

Why should I choose Zen Bedrooms

-Secure and convenient on-line purchases with hassle-free return policy
-A boutique selection of quality, reasonably priced products
-We hand-pick our products through extensive research and feedback from both experts and customers just like you!

Product Dimensions

Standard20 x 26 inches1 lbs
Queen20 × 30 inches1 lbs
King20 × 36 inches1 lbs

Delivery Information

This product will be dispatched 1-4 weeks following the order date. We will send you a personalised tracking code via email that will allow you tack its progress to your door.

Customer Reviews

I thought I knew what a good pillow was....

Review by on 12/18/12


I've always slept with cheap feather pillows but wanted to give myself an early birthday present. I've since learned that I had no idea how amazing a pillow could be! Firstly, I've never felt a pillow that was so soft to the touch. It's not the most important thing considering that a pillow cover goes on top, but it's still fantastic. The amazing thing about this pillow is that my head sinks into it, but not in a way that causes me to wake up with my neck on fire. It still finds a way to be supportive, and I guarantee I'll only be purchasing goose down pillows from hereon out.

About time!!

Review by on 11/25/12


I've been through several pillows in the last year, none of which lived up to expectations. I was bitterly predicting that I'd be disappointed with this one (given my previous luck) but what a surprise! This really is a luxury pillow, and it's a pretty good price when compared to comparable items sold elsewhere.

Soo fluffy

Review by on 10/30/12


I like extra fluffy pillows and these have not disappointed. They came fast, are extra comfy, and haven't set off an allergy attack yet!

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