Oversize White Goose Down Comforter (Light Warmth)

"The King of Comfort"--made with the largest cluster of down on the market

Product details

  • Lavish 100% White Goose Down Stuffing
  • Fill Power: 600
  • Casing: 425 Thread-Count Cotton

Product benefits

  • Naturally insulating and breathable
  • Great for year round use
Oversize White Goose Down Comforter (Light Warmth)

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Product Features

Finest Quality 100% goose down stuffing

For the ultimate touch of luxury, our high-end comforter is filled with exquisite all white goose down. The goose, rarer than the duck, produces the largest of down clusters, making this comforter king of comfort.

Expertly Stitched Box Design

Our White Goose Down Comforter is stitched with a durable box design to ensure that you'll enjoy your comforter year after year. The box stitches separate the stuffing to prevent lumpiness and uneven coverage for a truly sumptuous experience.

High Fill Power

Our twin, queen and king comforters have a fill rating that is suited to the size of the comforter, ranging from 47, 66 and 79oz respectively. This ensures that you are purchasing a versatile comforter that can be used all year round.

Naturally Breathable and Insulating

Goose down, like duck down, is renowned for its inherent warming properties. The larger down clusters of goose will ensure the warmest sheath though. With ultimate warmth and 100% cotton cover, you'll be sure to stay snug without overheating.

What is fill power?

Fill power is a measurement of how lofty, or fluffy, the comforter is. The higher the fill power, the more air the comforter can trap, thereby making it warmer. A high fill power rating is also a sign of quality.

Why should I choose Zen Bedrooms

-Secure and convenient on-line purchases with hassle-free return policy
-A boutique selection of quality, reasonably priced products
-We hand-pick our products through extensive research and feedback from both experts and customers just like you!

Product Dimensions

Twin                  66 x 90 inches5 lbs
Full/Queen         88 x 90 inches6 lbs
King                104 x 90 inches7 lbs

Delivery Information

This product will be dispatched 1-4 weeks following the order date. We will send you a personalised tracking code via email that will allow you tack its progress to your door.

Customer Reviews

LOVE it!!

Review by on 1/18/13


Perfectly made, warm, luxurious, I can't say enough about this goose down comforter. Zenbedrooms really came through for me this time!

Best comforter ever!

Review by on 11/20/12


Warning: do not purchase this comforter if you don't want all your friends and relatives laying down on your bed whenever they come over! My grandsons take naps in my bed because of how comfy this goose down blanket is. It's a bit pricier than Zen's other comforter's but well worth the $!

Great stitching

Review by on 10/29/12


One of the main things I look for in a comforter is how well it's stitched. A comforter could be made from amazing materials, but if it's not stitched right the warmth is unevenly distributed and it doesn't feel as good. This comforter passes the test and then some; goose down is the way to go!

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