Supreme Down Around Pillow

"Pillow-within-a-Pillow"--down duck feathers wrapped in a layer of duck down

Product details

  • Innovative design
  • Utilizes both duck feather and duck down
  • 300 thread count, 100% cotton quill proof casing
  • A balanced pillow--comfortable yet supportive

Product benefits

  • Naturally stuffed pillow
  • Suitable for the majority of sleeping positions
Supreme Down Around Pillow

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Product Features

Pillow-within-a-pillow innovation

The Supreme Down Around Pillow features a dual pillow structure, with an inner core and outer compartment. The core is filled with springy duck feathers for support while the outer compartment is filled with luxurious down for comfort.

Duck feather and down blend stuffing

The combination of durable supple duck feathers with yielding duck down means that our Supreme Down Around Pillow is both durable and pliant.

Quill proof casing

With a thread count of 300, our 100% cotton quill proof casing will prevent feathers from escaping, ensuring that your pillow is supple and long-lasting.

Soft yet supportive

Alleviate common aches and pains with the design of our Supreme Down Around Pillow.

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Product Dimensions

Standard20 x 26 inches1 lbs
Queen20 × 30 inches1 lbs
King20 × 36 inches1 lbs

Delivery Information

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Customer Reviews

Hubby and I love it!

Review by on 1/7/13


My husband and I are very different when it comes to bedding preferences, but we're both very satisfied with this pillow. He has trouble with nighttime breathing and has found that a pillow can make a drastic difference in his sleep quality. These pillows are so great because they give him support so the airways open up, but they're not too firm! I've also found that I sleep better with the Supreme Down Around and never wake up hurting (and it helps that I don't hear snoring all night long!).

Just as soft as promised

Review by on 12/5/12


I picked this pillow because of the high thread count and quality cotton. I like a very soft pillow, and I haven't been disappointed with the Supreme Down Around. The feather core really holds this pillow together, and for the price I couldn't find anything better.

Excellent pillow

Review by on 11/24/12


This is an excellent pillow! I've heard some bad things about feathers as a pillow stuffer, but it's clearly about how it's made. This feels like a luxurious pillow and it really delivers on the balanced feel that's promised. I didn't expect it to be so supportive but I've been very happy that it is!

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