Sumptuous Bath Towel

Natural luxury made from pure organic cotton

Product details

  • Material: Organic Cotton & Linen
  • Weave: Jacquard
  • Color Options: White, Mid Ocean, Pale Dusty Aqua, Pewter, Sunflower
  • GSM: 700
  • Size: (19" x 32")

Product benefits

  • No toxic additives or chemical dyes
  • Decorative and Reversible
Sumptuous Bath Towel

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Product Features

Everything You Need

Soft, weighty, and double-sided, the Sumptuous Bath Towel keeps you perfectly dry.

Decorative & Durable

Jacquard woven with linen bands and cotton hems at the sides for a long-lasting towel.

Easy Care

The luxurious organic cotton towel is machine-washable and only gets softer with time.

Allergy Relief

100% organic cotton and natural linen isn't treated with any toxic substances or dyes, protecting you and your loved ones from harsh allergens and skin irritants.

Why should I choose Zen Bedrooms

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-A boutique selection of quality, reasonably priced products
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Delivery Information

This product will be dispatched 1-4 weeks following the order date. We will send you a personalised tracking code via email that will allow you tack its progress to your door.

Customer Reviews

luxury towel

Review by on 12/13/12


i'm happy with my coyuchi bath towel and even happier I got it for the same price here as the coyuchi website.

Nice value

Review by on 11/7/12


This is a fairly-priced towel. Not the cheapest or most expensive, but very soft and worth the money. Zen bedrooms also gets 5 stars, I got the towel without a long wait and had no problems.

I love organic!

Review by on 10/29/12


For people who aren't sure about buying household items in organic, this is a great example of why it's such a good idea. My husband bought a cheaper towel recently to replace one our son lost, and the first thing I noticed was the weird smell. Towels are not supposed to smell! It went away after a couple washes but made me feel uncomfortable, so I ordered this organic towel to conduct a test. This one does not have a funky smell, is softer, and I know is made the right way. Fork over the extra dough and go organic!

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