Suite Comfort Adjustable Pillow (Wooly Bolas)

"The Bio Original"--made from a variety of natural materials, its like nothing else on the market

Product details

  • Filling: Organic Woolly Bolas
  • Cover: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Firmness: Adjustable

Product benefits

  • Pliable, these pillows offer soft-medium support.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and non-allergenic
Suite Comfort Adjustable Pillow (Wooly Bolas)

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Product Features

Woolly Bolas

Small clusters of organic wool are soft and supportive, giving your pillow a comforting feel for amazing sleep. Our wool fill is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Adjustable Fill

Zippered inner cover allows you to easily adjust pillow fill, letting you customize the pillow to suit your specific comfort and support needs.

Soft & Comforting

Organic cotton shell gives your adjustable pillow an ultra-soft feel for optimal comfort.

Easy Clean

Removable outer and inner covers, as well as pillow fill, can be machine washed for an easy clean that keeps your pillow healthy and dust mite-free.

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Product Dimensions

Standard20 x 26 inches1 lbs
Queen20 x 30 inches1 lbs
King                20 x 36 inches1 lbs

Delivery Information

This product will be dispatched 1-4 weeks following the order date. We will send you a personalised tracking code via email that will allow you tack its progress to your door.

Customer Reviews

Woolly bolas is my new favorite thing!

Review by on 1/4/13


If you hear the term "wooly bolas" and are confused, have no fear--you're not alone! I took a complete gamble on these pillows and luckily for me, wooly bolas is the most comfortable material ever. Putting my head down on this pillow every night is something to look forward to! The outside of the pillow is amazingly soft and it doesn't leave me waking up with neck pains. It's a lot to pay for a pillow but I think it's worth it!

good pillow

Review by on 12/23/12


My wife got this pillow for the bedroom in our new house and I really liked it. I asked here what it was and I came here to find out that it's $200, which took me aback (she failed to mention that initially). However, it kind of makes sense when compared to our last cheap pillow. You get what you pay for I guess; this is the single most comfortable pillow I've ever used.

Sustainable comfort

Review by on 10/7/12


I looked for the most eco-friendly pillow I could find and came up with this one. Everything about this pillow is made sustainably: the wool is organic and put in an organic pouch, organic cotton, everything! Not to mention it feels great and can be adjusted to fit every person's needs. 5 stars for the idea but 5 as well for the execution.

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