Scandanavian Mini Barbeque

Optimum barbecue technology

Product details

  • Scandinavian design creates best flavour
  • Compact shape ideal for storage
  • Perfect for summer feats

Product benefits

  • Bowled design cooks meat faster
  • Optimum grill width for premium quality
Scandanavian Mini Barbeque

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Product Features

Scandinavian design

Nobody does a barbecue like the Scandinavians and this Scandinavian technology allows for quicker cooking times and better tasting food

Compact design for storage

The shape of our Scandinavian barbecue means it packs away smaller than you'd expect, perfect for storing in your shed or in a corner of the yard

Optimised grill width for best resuts

Years of optimisation with our grill width means we pass those benefits on to you for the highest quality taste experience

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