Reversible Wave Quilt

Sateen with quilted waves and reversible color

Product details

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Weave: Sateen
  • Machine Washable

Product benefits

  • Meets the toughest organic-textile standard in the world
  • Reversible for two distinct looks
Reversible Wave Quilt

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Product Features

Extra Soft

Cotton in sateen weave is exceptionally-soft for a warm quilt that offers year-long comfort.


Overlapping ripples are prominent on one side, with lustrous bottom side that make this quilt a versatile addition to your home.


100% organic cotton is soft, comfortable, and natural for reduced skin irritations and long-lasting luxury.

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Customer Reviews

Two pretty sides!

Review by on 12/5/12


I love having a quilt with two distinct sides! I use the designed side when I have it out on the couch and switch it to the other side when I have it on my bed. This is a very luxurious quilt, it never fails to keep me warm. If I didn't know any better I would swear this had down fill!

Great all around quilt

Review by on 11/24/12


I've always bought so called "comforters" but wanted to try a quilt. I'm surprised how much I like it thus far, the quilt is warm and wonderful! I got the queen size and primarily use it on my bed and I've liked it immensely.

Regarding how it looks, this quilt really won me over. The lustrous side and the wavy side are both good depending on how the rest of my bedroom is outfitted.

Mmmm warmth

Review by on 10/23/12


I love getting warm under my quilt every evening! I use this as a blanket sometimes and also as a comforter, depending on the weather. This is on the warmer side but isn't suffocating. Great quilt!

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