Pillow Buying Guide


Sound sleep is an important part of our lives, and pillows quietly play a prominent role in determining whether or not you get healthy and rejuvenating rest.There are various factors that determine what makes a pillow the perfect one, and it can be a chore to sift through these variables and decipher your needs.

Our pillow buying guide is here to break down what to look for when evaluating a potential purchase, and we hope to make your shopping experience straightforward and painless. Perusing the web for everything from purchasing tips to memory foam pillow


Preventing Pain

Before we get into specific ailments remedied by certain pillows, it's important to identify one of your pillow's most vital traits: preventing pain. You want to stop nighttime discomfort before it hits, and finding the right pillow can save you aches and pains down the line. The general rule of thumb when buying pillows is to find one that offers the right amount of support, but pinpointing what type of support you need is easier said than done.

Sleeping position is a common indicator of where you may be prone to pain, so let's look at three popular positions and what they could mean for you.


Sleeping Positions & Pain

The most important and frustrating aspect of your sleeping position is that, much like falling in love, it just happens.Our bodies naturally conform to a sleeping position, often based on breathing patterns and airways. Attempting to changeone's sleeping position can lower the overall quality of sleep and cause discomfort, which is why many people shop for pillows based on the way their bodies naturally rest every night.

Everyone is different, meaning thatsleep-related symptoms vary from person to person. The following chart is a general guideline to pain and discomfort associated with each sleeping position, and we recommend a pillow for each one. Remember: everyone has their own unique comfort and support needs, so use our recommendation as a preliminary guideline when making your purchase, and be sure to read on for more helpful tips.


Risk of Discomfort
Sleeping PositionNeck PainBack PainSnoringRecommended Pillow
Stomach High High Low Supreme Down Around Pillow
Side Medium-Low Medium-Low Medium Pure White Goose Down Pillow
Back Low Medium High Deluxe Latex Pillow

A) Stomach Sleeping Position

Sleeping on one's stomach is generally considered to carry the highest risk for neck and back pain, but fear not, stomach sleepers—there are ways to lessen your chance of discomfort.

One of the biggest issues associated with stomach sleepers is lower back pain, caused by a flattening of the lumbar carve. This can provoke a muscle strain, leaving your back achy and uncomfortable in the morning.

You want your head and neck to align with the spine, reducing the risk of neck pain and morning discomfort. The best option for stomach sleepers is a softer pillow that isn't too plump, letting your head sink in comfortably and preventing tossing and turning that strains the neck.

One benefit of stomach sleeping: it is the best position for reduced snoring, making it a popular position for those with sleep apnea.

Recommended: Supreme Down Around Pillow

B) Side Sleeping Position

Side sleepers are at less risk of neck and back pain than stomach sleepers, but can still suffer from these symptoms. A pillow that encourages healthy head and spine alignment is best for preventing pain, and this may be best accomplished with a firm, plump pillow.

However, you don't want your pillow to be too plump, as this will elevate your head to an unhealthy degree and causepoor spine alignment, potentially leading to neck or lower back pain. For the right combination of firmness and support, a down or down alternative pillow may be your best option.

Recommended: Pure White Goose Down Pillow

Zen Tip: Sleeping on one's left side has been shown to ease heartburn, and is also recommended for pregnant women.

C) Back Sleeping Position

Widely considered to be the healthiest sleeping position, back sleepers generally enjoy proper head-spine alignment and a decreased risk of back pain. The wrong pillow can still cause discomfort, though, and you want to be careful to avoid a pillow that is too thick or firm, pushing the head and neck forward and negatively impacting your breathing.

Conversely, a softer pillow without proper support can lead to neck and shoulder pain. A firm pillow with slight give is recommended for back sleepers, providing optimal support at a healthy angle.

Recommended: Deluxe Latex Pillow


Pillow Types

Looking at your sleeping position is one way to approach the pillow-buying process, but those general pointers may not cover your specific comfort and support needs. Examining the properties of different pillow types is a great way to decide what's best for you, and we've broken pillows down into four simple categories to contrast their varying features.

Memory Foam Pillows

If you're looking for dependablesupportin your pillow, memory foam is the ultimate option, responding to pressure points and cradling the head and neck to ensure comfortable, pain-free sleep. If you suffer from astiff neck or shoulder aches, a memory foam pillow may be exactly what you're looking for.

We offer the best memory foam pillows on the market, with a breathable design that stays cool while conforming to the contour of your head and neck. You may have read a memory foam pillow review that warns against strange odors, but our foam is made naturally for smell-free comfort.

Latex Pillows

If you want a supportive pillow, the decision more than likely comes down to latex vs. memory foam. These share similar traits, but with several key differences. While a memory pillow retains your contour shape for 30-60 seconds after movement, a latex foam pillow immediately returns to its previous form.

Talalay is a method for making and processing latex that offers consistent comfort and breathable design, making it the best latex pillow you can buy. Talalay latex pillowsare recommended forthose who needsupport, andare prone to changes in sleeping positionthroughout the night.

Zen Tip:Try surfing the web for latex pillow reviews—you may come across people with issues similar to yours, which can help you decide if latex is the right pillow for you.

Down Pillows

Down—also known as nature's best insulator—provides a natural way to bring a wonderful balance of support and comfort to your bedroom. Down pillows naturally conform to your body, but to a much lesser extent than latex and memory foam. The soft touch of down is like nothing else, adding a luxurious feel to your bedroom.

Down pillows offer remarkable versatility, with balanced comfort for sleepers of every kind. If you do not seek firm memory foam or latex foam pillows, we highly recommend down for its naturally soft and luxurious qualities.

Down Alternative Pillows

Featuring the properties of down but with synthetic fill, down alternative pillows are the perfect option for folks who want the benefits of down in a hypoallergenic package. Synthetic fill is long-lasting, providing years of comfort and allergy relief at a great value. Like down, these pillows offer balanced support with a soft feel.

Our down alternative pillows are stitched to perfection, distributing fill evenly throughout the pillow for consistent support and comfort.

Feather and Down Pillows

Feather and down pillows offer the best of both materials, with feathers acting as supportive springs and down providing a cushiony yet subtly supportive feel for balanced comfort. These are among the most value-friendly pillows on the market, and we offer several varieties so that you can pick the one that fits your comfort needs.

For a softer feel, we recommend choosing a pillow with more down, while those seeking more support may want to consider a pillow with a higher concentration of feathers. Our feather and down pillows are made with quill-proof casing, preventing unwanted feather disturbances when you sleep.

The Zen Bedrooms Difference

Consumers are frequently presented with poorly-made pillows—sold to you as a "great deal," but made with suspectmaterials that come with serious questions about durability.

You don't have to settle when it comes to your pillow, and at Zen Bedrooms, we don't cut corners or offer poorly-made products. We only use the finest natural materials for healthy, long-lasting pillows that are carefully constructed for outstanding quality. From outstanding Talalay latex pillows to the best memory foam pillow sold today, we have you covered.

PillowFillQuality CountsSupportContourHypo allergenic
Deluxe Latex Pillow Talalay Latex Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, Talalay is the healthiest and most comfortable form of latex on the market High
Duck Feather and Down Pillow Duck Feather and Down Thoroughly cleaned for healthy and irritation-free sleep, our down and feather filling is held to the highest standards. Medium-High    
Luxury Memory Foam Pillow Viscoelastic Memory Foam Breathable and supportive, our foam is made without dangerous chemicals for healthy and smell-free comfort High
Pure White Goose Down Pillow Goose Down Luxurious, soft, and supportive, our goose down offers everything you look for in a pillow Medium
Supreme Down Around Pillow Duck Feather and Down Natural and hypoallergenic down combined with feather core for healthy and balanced support Medium