Memory Foam Pillows

About our Memory Foam Pillows

Benefits of the Memory Foam Pillow

When Napoleon Bonaparte was asked how many hours of sleep people need each night, it is said that he replied: ‘Six for a man, seven for a woman, eight for a fool.’ Here at Zen Bedrooms we believe that it is the fool who disregards sleep, and we hope to see more people prioritizing a full and rejuvenating night’s sleep on a regular basis. Ensuring that we habitually sleep well is important to make sure that we can enjoy and make the most of our waking hours. This is what we believe with a passion at Zen Bedrooms and because of this we are committed to producing top-quality bedroom furniture and accessories to help people create their own Zen bedroom, and subsequently enjoy deep and undisturbed sleep each and every night.

Our memory foam pillows are an important aspect of any Zen Bedroom. For those who suffer from neck, shoulder or back ache, memory foam pillows are a good way to alleviate pain and prevent the exacerbation of symptoms and sores. A memory pillow will respond to and support pressure points while you sleep and mold to the contours of your body ensuring maximum comfort. As with our memory foam mattresses, the best memory foam pillows will spread weight evenly and in doing so comfort existing pain and reduce the likelihood of you waking up sore and achy in the morning. Pillows made of memory foam are particularly good for those of us who sleep on our backs or for those who wriggle and twist in the night and struggle to find a comfortable position. The best memory foam pillow will cradle your head and neck throughout the night and help you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our Pillows

All our memory foam pillows are made from durable foam meaning that they will keep their shape and you will not have to be constantly replacing them. They are also resistant to dust and bacteria and so are therefore recommended for those who suffer from allergies. A pillow made of memory foam will also help to regulate your temperature when in bed and is covered in a soft casing so to further help you enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep.

Our Luxury Memory Foam Pillow is made out of medium density viscoelastic. This material responds to the shape of your body and supports its natural curves. This is in contrast to old or regular pillows and mattresses which can actually work against the natural lay of your body. Besides the Luxury Memory Foam Pillow we also offer the Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow which is eco-friendly and additive free – meaning your conscience can also rest easy! Our isotonic pillows are made in a Zoned Comfort design that helps to regulate the temperature as you sleep. They also come in a different design to our other pillows therefore offering you an aesthetic choice as to which will best suit your bed and bedroom. At the end of the day, you must decide which is the best memory foam pillow for you.

The Zen Way

At Zen Bedrooms we are proud to be able to say that all our products are made out of materials sourced in the USA. Even better than that, when we design our products we take into consideration the recommendations and advice of experts and customers. In this way we are committed to offering the best bedroom accessories and furniture. We have a broad selection of products on offer because we recognize that each of us sleeps in a different manner and therefore we all have individual requirements and preferences. To ensure you have confidence when you make your order with Zen Bedrooms we offer a 7-day return policy completely free of charge. This allows you to try out and test your purchase and consider another if what you ordered the first time isn’t quite right. We also offer a guarantee of up to ten years with our products. Add a touch of Zen to your bedroom by making a good night’s rest a priority and investing in good sleep.