Mattress Topper Buying Guide

Why Do You Need A Mattress Topper?

Have you noticed your mattress keeping you from getting a good night's sleep? Your mattress may not have a quality comfort layer and that missing amenity could be making it hard for you to get through your day. Buying a new mattress isn't always a possibility either because of budget reasons, or if you're a student, you may live in housing where your mattress is provided for you.


Don't Want To Buy A Whole New Mattress?

Adding a mattress topper to your bedis an economical and convenient solution to improving your comfort level and quality of rest. There are many different types of mattress toppers available too. Mattress topper reviews may convince you that only one type of topper is right for you, but in reality each topper will bring something different. There are the classic choices like memory foam toppers, and the latex foam mattress, but there are others to consider as well.This guide will give you the information you need to find the mattress topper that's best for you.


What Would Make Your Mattress More Comfortable?

Your NeedsThe Mattress Topper Solution

A cooler sleep: ?

I get hot at night

  • Gel Memory Foam Topper

A closer fit:

I like that it conforms to my body

  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A firmer touch:

I need more support

  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A softer touch:

I want more cushion

  • Feather Down Mattress Topper
  • Ingeo Natural Fiber Mattress Topper
  • Down Alternative Mattress Topper

An allergen-free option:

And I love the touch of down

  • Ingeo Natural Fiber Mattress Topper
  • Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Mattress Topper Low Down:

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

One of the most popular choices for beds today is memory foam. You can add the amazing comfort of memory foam to your bed by simply placinga memory foam mattress topperabove your standard mattress. Memory foam is a synthetic foam material created by NASA to cushion astronauts during take off and landings. Soon after it was discovered that memory foam made an ideal material for patients on bed restbecause the high quality viscoelastic foam conforms to the body's contours, keeping your spine aligned. If you wake up in the morning with aches and pains a memory foam mattress can help relieve these ailments.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A common complaint you may read about in memory foam toppers reviews is that memory foam often makes people feel too hot. Because memory foam uses your body's heat to condense, it naturally retains a lot of heat. If you frequently feel too hot in the middle of the night you should look into memory foam mattress toppers that have an extra gel layer. Although the term "gel" may make you imagine a jelly liquid layer on your foam mattress topper, the gel is actually solidified. The cooling properties and extra support of the gel layer combined with the legendary comfort of memory foam will help you sleep better without overheating.

Feather Down Mattress Toppers

You may imagine a feather mattress topper consisting of large fluffy feathers, and some mattress topper reviews will complain about the spines of feathers poking through the cover. Low quality feather down toppers will not have quill proof casings to keep the feathers from poking out.High quality feather down beds are made of hundreds of small plush feathers and down clusters. They are encased in "down-proof" cotton covers, which are thick enough to keep the feathers from sticking out. The down and feathers that make up mattress toppers come from waterfowl, such as geese or ducks, andthey use these feathers to insulate their bodies. If you often wake up in the night because you are too cold, or live somewhere with a cold climate or harsh winters, a down feather mattress topper will keep you warm and snug throughout the night. Feather down mattress toppers are the warmest, and most insulating toppers on the market, and luxuriously soft.


Alternatives to Down

Ingeo Natural Fiber Mattress Toppers

Ingeo means "ingredients of the earth" and is a natural plant fiber that is processed and used as filler for bedding like mattress toppers. Ingeo natural fibers are unique because they have both the properties of synthetic and organic materials combined. They are great for people who suffer from allergies and are unable to use down feather products; they also resist the growth of microbial bacteria and dust mites. Ingeo fibers offer fantastic warmth and insulation and create durable and long-lasting products that are also eco-friendly.This filler is made from corn, and takes less energy to make than polyester. Like cotton,ingeo fibers are absorbent and will keep you dry and warm at night.

Down Alternative Mattress Toppers

Down is very popular because of its extreme warmth and insulation, but if you suffer from allergies, it's recommended that you select an alternative option.Down is prone to collecting dust and can grow microbial bacteria requiring it be washed regularly. Down alternativesare a more affordable and anallergy friendly way to enjoy the warmth and comfort that down can offer. Down alternative mimics the look and feel of down, allowing you to be warm and comfortable without suffering from you allergies.It'soften made up of synthetic fibers like polyester, but can sometimes include wool, another allergen resistant textile. Down alternative mattress toppers will also keep theirloft much better than down ones and they're much easier to wash. Down comforters usually need to be professionally cleaned, and can sometimes hold onto odors. Choose a down alternative if you desire an odor-free, allergen free, and budget friendlyslumber.

TopperFillDensity(6 is highest density)Warmth( 6 is warmest)Hypoallergenic
Feather Down Mattress Topper Duck Feather and Down 1 6 No
Natural Ingeo Fiber Mattress Topper Natural Ingeo Fiber 2 5 Yes
Down Alternative Mattress Topper Down Alternative 2 5 Yes
Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Memory Foam w/ Gel Layer 6 1 Yes
Luxury 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper Memory Foam 5 4 Yes
Luxury 2" Memory Foam Mattress Topper Memory Foam 5 4 Yes
Classic Memory Foam Mattress Memory Foam 5 4 Yes