All Season Luxury Duck Down Comforter

"The Real Deal"--All Season, comforter made of the finest duck down

Product details

  • Incredibly soft 100% duck down stuffing
  • 230 thread count, 100% cotton casing
  • 15" diamond box stitched design
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks, plus a 7 day money back guarantee.
  • All-season comforter: spring, summer, winter

Product benefits

  • Naturally insulating and breathable
  • Great for year round use
All Season Luxury Duck Down Comforter

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Product Features

Top quality 100% duck down stuffing

The natural insulator of duck down will keep you snug throughout the night. Following Mother Nature's cue, our Luxury Duck Down Comforter will make you feel as if you're sleeping beneath a cloud.

"15" diamond box stitched design

To ensure that your comforter remains evenly stuffed throughout, the Duck Down Comforter is stitched with a 15” diamond box design. This technique separates the stuffing into pockets for a smoother lay and more durable comforter.

Naturally breathable and insulating

Duck down is one of the best conductors of warmth in nature. With a 100% cotton casing, this comforter will keep you warm without overheating.

Improves sleep

Mother Nature can't be wrong. The right comforter can make the difference, so you can get the sleep you need.

What is fill power?

Fill power is a measurement of how lofty, or fluffy, the comforter is. The higher the fill power, the more air the comforter can trap, thereby making it warmer. A high fill power rating is also a sign of quality.

Why should I choose Zen Bedrooms

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-A boutique selection of quality, reasonably priced products
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Product Dimensions

Twin                  66 x 90 inches5 lbs
Full/Queen         88 x 90 inches6 lbs
King                104 x 90 inches7 lbs

Delivery Information

This product will be dispatched 1-4 weeks following the order date. We will send you a personalised tracking code via email that will allow you tack its progress to your door.

Customer Reviews

Love The Versatility

Review by on 12/17/12


I had a hard time believing that one comforter could really be good for all seasons, but I was (pleasantly) surprised that this comforter delivered on the promise. It really does offer medium warmth, so if you throw on heavier pajamas in the winter it works all year long! I just ordered one for my daughter in college and I'm sure she'll love it too.

Warm, light, and fluffy

Review by on 10/8/12


I've been sleeping with this comforter for a few days and absolutely love it! Finding a balanced comforter isn't easy, but this one does the trick. It keeps me warm but I never feel like I'm about to break out sweating

Down goodness

Review by on 10/3/12


For $100 this seemed like a great deal, and I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Moderately warm and well made, it gets the job done. Some comforters are made from low quality down that doesn't really retain heat, but it's obvious this was made from good stuff.

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