Latex Pillows

About our Latex Pillows

Luxurious Talalay Latex Pillows from Zen Bedrooms

Providing supreme comfort through advanced design, latex pillows from Zen Bedrooms offer a different kind of support for your head and neck when compared with other, more traditional materials such as down or synthetic fibers. Particularly suited to sleepers who are prone to shifting positions throughout the night, the best latex pillow is that which is light and breathable, molding to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders. However, unlike memory foam pillows that retain the impression of your body after you have moved, latex pillows immediately return to their original shape – bringing support and comfort to your head and neck where you need it most. Zen Bedrooms latex pillows also use the highest grade Talalay latex that is made through a process that avoids the use of toxic, petroleum based agents to provide consistent densities with 100% natural materials.

Superior Shape Retention with Latex Pillows from Zen Bedrooms

Thanks to the unique properties found within latex, Zen Bedrooms latex pillows retain their loft and shape for a good long time. With the ability to quickly mold to your head and neck and then instantly return to their original shape when pressure is removed, Talalay latex pillows are the perfect solution for restless sleepers. This means that both your head and neck remain supported throughout the night regardless of how often you change your sleeping position – a great choice when combined with our memory foam mattresses. Zen Bedrooms latex pillows employ a dual layer system that provides a firm inner core for support and a softer exterior to ensure comfort. This helps to encourage a healthier sleeping position during the night by providing subtle support where it is most needed. On top of this, all of our latex pillows are extremely durable, meaning that your pillow will remain shapely well into the future.

Healthier Sleep with Zen Bedrooms All Natural Latex Pillows

Another unique property of natural latex is its inherent hypoallergenic and antimicrobial qualities that make Talalay latex pillows the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Fully ventilated to increase air circulation, our latex pillows also help allergy sufferers enjoy healthier sleep – reducing irritants and night-time discomfort – much like our range of down alternative pillows. Alongside these features, Zen Bedrooms best latex pillows are also encased in soft bamboo fabrics that are easily removed and washed – giving you the opportunity to keep your pillows as fresh and free of irritants as the day you bought them.

Get a Great Night's Sleep with Zen Bedrooms’ Quality Guarantee

Here at Zen Bedrooms, we pride ourselves on our commitment to great value and fantastic customer service. This is why we are pleased to offer all of our customers a quality guarantee that allows you to shop in complete security and enjoy a great night's sleep without having to worry about your order. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Talalay latex pillow, or any of our other products, then feel free to take advantage of our hassle free, 7-day returns policy as detailed in our FAQ section. Most importantly, we want you to be completely happy with your order, so should you have any further questions regarding the ordering process or concerning any of our products, then give our sleep experts a call and they will be happy to help in any way they can. However, if you are still not convinced of our commitment to quality, then take a look at our customer testimonials and decide for yourself.