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General Information on Zen products

Zen Bedrooms is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality memory foam products and other bedroom accessories. We have over 100,000 delighted customers in 17 countries throughout North America and Europe. Join them! Our products can help with improved sleep, comfort and also can help iron out any aches and pains that occur through the night.

We have a range of sleep experts who design all of our mattresses with the aim of providing the best night's sleep. We constantly test new designs, fillings and combinations of depths of foam to provide the ultimate in comfort. We also provide countless other exclusive, luxury products to match your Memory Foam mattress, such as soft-touch duvets, feather-like duvets and super-soft Egyptian Cotton bed linens.

With excellent customer support, after-sales care and very exacting quality standards, Zen Bedrooms is the perfect choice for you in creating the ultimate bedroom: full of peace, beauty and simplicity.

Our core products have always been memory foam mattresses. Memory Foam Mattresses adjust to the body shape offering increased support and comfort to more traditional mattress types. Our second most popular mattress type are sprung mattresses which are more economic than memory foam and also have the benefit of added springiness to memory foam.

Zen Mattresses

Zen Bedrooms offer a wide range of mattresses to suit any need and budget. Our core business is memory foam and we provide only the latest visco technology to bring you a truly cloud like experience while sleeping. We also offer a range of pocket sprung mattresses for those who prefer this sleeping experience for their bed.

We manufacture our mattresses in the UK and USA and distribute to customers in USA, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. Zen Bedrooms is a truly global mattress brand with thousands of satisfied customers across Europe and North America.

Our world famous memory foam mattresses use only the highest quality locally produced foams and we stay away from cheap imported raw materials. This means you get the best product available and can sleep easily knowing your products are covered by the legendary Zen Bedrooms quality guarantee.