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cm The mattress topper is a vital, if underrated, component of any bed. Placed on your cherished mattress yet hidden beneath your duvet and pillows, the mattress topper is your point of contact with the bed so it must be of the highest quality. At Zen Bedrooms, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have value for money from our products in addition to the comfort and support we are renowned for.

By purchasing a mattress topper, you can create a versatile bed which changes to the ever changing demands of your body. Mattress toppers are also an affordable alternative to overhauling your current bed. Utilising a topper allows you to adapt your sleeping environment at minimal cost and upheaval.

Why do you need a Topper?

Which Topper is right for you?

How to purchase

Why do you need a Topper?
When you purchase a mattress, you are making an investment in securing your health and wellbeing for years to come. By using a mattress topper, you help ensure that your bed has longevity and is as comfortable and welcoming as the day you brought it for years to come. At Zen Bedrooms, we understand that each person is different and has unique needs from their bed. As such, we provide a range of mattress toppers for you to adapt your bed with accordingly.

Which Topper is right for you?
With toppers an essential part of creating your unique sleeping environment, you just need to find out which one is right for you. Look through our quick guide to see which one you’ll choose.

Soft, warm and easy to clean, the wool variety is ideal for all the family.

Ensuring extra comfort, the Feather variety is ideal for those with highly supportive mattresses.

Latex Foam
Hypoallergenic and warm, the Latex Foam variety is sensitive and perfect for softer mattresses.

Memory Foam
Highly supportive, the Memory Foam variety assists in transfer of movement. Ideal for those with unresolved pain issues.

How to purchase
With a wide variety of mattress toppers available for purchase, Zen Bedrooms ensures you have a stress and hassle free shopping experience, leaving you more time to enjoy your bed! The best part is, we deliver your purchases straight to your door. As all our products available at the touch of a button, you can order your mattress topper right now!