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About our Feather Pillows

General information on Feather Pillows

One of life’s great pleasures is curling up into a luxurious soft feather pillow. More than the pyramids, at Zen we believe it was the pillow that was the Egyptians greatest gift to the world.

Feather and down pillows offer a sprinkle of softness mixed with a handful of snug, whisked into a fluffy heap of goodness.


A soft feather core combined with an outer down layer that provides extra softness to the experience.


The pillow is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Proved Quality

Thousands of happy customers across the globe.


Zen Feather Pillows

The Egyptians once upon a time used pillows made from stone, wood, metal, or even porelain, but here at Zen Bedrooms we have taken this technology to the next level to create luxurious pillows made from a goose down and feather blend. Zen Feather Pillows provide our customers with hard to believe quality of sleep and well-earned relaxation.

However, be warned - Zen Bedrooms take no responsibility if you oversleep in the morning - excessive comfort may apply!