Herringbone Organic Merino Wool Decorative Pillow

Soft & luxurious

Product details

  • 100% Organic Wool
  • Removable Kapok Insert
  • Coconut Shell Buttons
  • 14" x 48"
Herringbone Organic Merino Wool Decorative Pillow

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Product Features

Only the Softest

Wool cover is warm, soft, and comfortable, great for any room in the house.


Exceptionally wide, the Herringbone Merino Wool Pillow can take the place of two pillows.

Unbeatable Value

Removable kapok insert makes the cover easy to clean for lasting luxury.

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Delivery Information

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Customer Reviews

I'm not disappointed

Review by on 1/27/13


I received this as a wedding gift last year and just came across it on zenbedrooms. I had no idea it cost this much! Before I knew the price I have to confess that this was my favorite pillow. I own the red version and believe it makes my bedroom; it has an elegant look and feel. Can't say enough about this pillow, if you can afford it then go for it.


Review by on 1/22/13


For the price I obviously expected an amazing pillow and I wasn't disappointed! All the materials used in this pillow are the best you'll see. It's amazingly soft and luxurious, and because of its width it takes up the space of two pillows, which I considered before buying it. I figured the price tag was bound to leave me disappointed but I'd buy again.

Wife pleaser

Review by on 1/4/13


I purchased this pillow for my wife as a kind-of joke, like "wait till you hear how much this cost" kind of thing. Well she loves the pillow and I didn't even ask the price. She's happy with the coconut buttons and the fact that the cover is washable. For men in the doghouse this is an easy way out.

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