Down Mattress Toppers

  • Duck Down Mattress Topper

    Our most luxurious topper

    Duck Down Mattress Topper
    • Fill: 100% Duck Down
    • Casing: Quill-proof, 100% Cotton
    • Baffle Box Construction

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About our Down Mattress Toppers

Drift off with the Best Down Mattress Toppers from Zen Bedrooms

When you buy any of the high-quality mattresses from Zen Bedrooms you can count on superior comfort and long lasting support. However, when combined with one of our down mattress toppers, not only will you enhance your sleeping experience but you will also benefit from increased mattress protection to ensure your bed remains comfortable for many years to come.

Made from pure duck down and encased in quill-proof, 100% cotton, our down feather mattress toppers offer a soft and luxurious addition to your existing mattress and bedding.

Zen Bedrooms' feather down mattress toppers also provide extra plush protection that adjusts to the shape of your body regardless of how much you move during the night. Designed with Baffle Box Construction that limits the movement of the down to within its sealed compartments, our feather mattress toppers will retain their original height and shape whilst also distributing heat equally across its surface. Our down feather mattress toppers are also hand-picked by our sleep experts and adhere to strict quality and environmental controls, which means you can sleep easy knowing your new topper is both durable and environmentally sustainable.

Light, Airy and Breathable Feather Mattress Toppers from Zen Bedrooms

All of Zen Bedrooms' mattress toppers offer a fully breathable, bacteria resistant way for you to increase comfort and protect your mattress at the same time. This means that no moisture or perspiration will become trapped in your mattress topper or mattress – a feature that is especially important when using natural down products. The antibacterial properties also benefit allergy sufferers by preventing the buildup of any unwanted irritants that may disturb you during sleep – helping you to enjoy a better night’s rest, time and time again.

The naturally insulating properties of down mattress toppers also mean they are great for any climate – keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Baffle Box construction of our feather down mattress toppers allows for unrestricted air circulation meaning that heat is distributed evenly across its surface. When combined with one of high-quality mattresses, our feather mattress toppers also provide luxurious and comfortable bedding that will help improve the quality of your sleep for many years to come.

Guarantee a Great Night's Sleep with Zen Bedrooms' Simple Returns Process

Here at Zen Bedrooms we are dedicated to providing you with the best bedding and bedroom furnishings so you can create the bedroom of your dreams. From designer decor to perfect pillows and everything in-between, Zen Bedrooms offer the highest quality products to ensure you enjoy high quality sleep night after night. Zen Bedrooms make it simple for you to choose the best combination of mattress and mattress topper with convenient online purchases supported by comprehensive details of our products and a team of helpful and knowledgeable staff. Whether you purchase a luxurious down mattress topper or a stylish bed frame, Zen Bedrooms will deliver your goods direct to your door for increased convenience.

However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, Zen Bedrooms offer a hassle free seven day return policy, allowing you to return your goods with no questions asked – meaning that you can simply lie back and relax as you enjoy a great night’s sleep.