Down Alternative Comforters

About our Down Alternative Comforters

Consider a Down Alternative Comforter from Zen Bedrooms

A poor night’s sleep can have a draining effect on our productivity and mood the following day. Our energy levels may flag and our concentration will be patchier than it otherwise would be. Although few of us spring out of bed first thing in the morning no matter how well we have slept, at Zen Bedrooms we would like to help you find deep and tranquil sleep each night that at least gives you the best chance of rising the next morning well-rested and ready to face the day ahead.

From selling only mattresses at the beginning, Zen Bedrooms has now extended to provide all accoutrements and accessories for the bedroom. Alongside pillows, mattresses and toppers, our comforters are a crucial factor in creating the ultimate Zen bedroom. As well as down comforters ( we offer a down alternative comforter. These are particularly good for those who suffer from allergies or have particularly sensitive skin. In addition to this, down alternative comforters offer the same level of warmth and luxury. We also offer a variety of seasonal versions of our alternative down comforters meaning that you can use them throughout the year as they grow to become a staple part of your bedroom.

Which Alternative Down Comforter?

Each different type of Down Alternative Comforter is as top-quality as our Down Comforters and are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they will offer restful sleep for those suffering from allergies. They are also dust and bacteria resistant meaning that they will keep clean for longer. Because of the range of products we have, you must decide which is the best down alternative comforter for you.

  • Our Luxury Microfibre Comforter comes in three versions: the Spring/Summer Weight, the Winter Weight and the All Season. Each has a microfiber casing and a hollow fibre filling meaning they are plump, fluffy and soft. The lack of real down means that they can reduce the symptoms of asthma and are easier to maintain.
  • We also have three versions of our Supreme Down Alternative Comforter: the Summer Weight, Winter Weight, and All Season. All three are made of 100% cotton with top quality synthetic fibers, multiplying the snuggle factor throughout the night. The Down Alternative Comforters stay cleaner for longer and are easy to wash when you have to – all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine along with your sheets!

The Zen Way

At Zen Bedrooms we want your shopping experience with us to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Essentially, we would like it to be as Zen as your bedroom. Our selection of Down Alternative Comforters found above, each come with details and notes so to help you make an informed decision when ordering. Despite this, we know that sometimes when buying things online, it can be tricky to gage a full impression of the product. Because of this, when you order one of our alternative down comforters – or indeed, any of our products – we offer a 7-day return policy if it isn’t quite what you expected. Because we are so sure that you will love our comforters, this is completely free of charge.