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About our Comforters

Comforters from Zen Bedrooms

Bed comforters turn a good night into a great night. Beyond mattresses and the right pillow, a good bed comforter can ensure that you enjoy a warm and pleasant night’s sleep, waking up the next morning refreshed, revitalized and ready for the day ahead. The best comforters not only provide insulation but also allow for free airflow and ventilation that prevents restless tossing and turning. Because of people’s individual preferences regarding the many qualitie a bed comforter can provide, at Zen Bedrooms we have a wide selection available. The best comforter for a cold winter night is not the same as that for a warm summer one. Because of this, we provide different types for different times of the year. Below we have outlined the varied selection we offer, helping you to capture that elusive perfect night’s sleep, whatever the preference, whatever the season.

Zen Bedrooms’ Range of Varied Bed Comforters

At Zen Bedrooms we offer both traditional down and alternative down bed comforters. Here are four principle types that we have:

The White Goose and the Duck Down are our conventional bed comforters, with each type of down offering something different. The White Goose Down made up of goose down clusters is our most luxurious comforter, larger than the others and therefore the warmest. The Duck Down Comforters are a little smaller but offer similarly effective insulation; our All-Season Luxury Duck Down Comforters are suitable for any time of the year. Both the White Goose and the Duck Down are made with a durable box design which allows for a smoother lay.

For those with asthma or sensitive skin, as with our pillows and mattress toppers, Zen Bedrooms offer bed comforters in a range of alternative down and microfiber. These can similarly be chosen according to loft level - that is, the amount of empty space or air in the comforter - and come with a range of insulation potential. Both the spring / summer weight Alternative Down and our winter Luxury Microfiber Comforters are plump, fluffy and soft, as well as durable and easy to care for. Our Supreme Down Alternative Comforters are the ultimate synthetic option that is naturally hypoallergenic. Created with each season in mind, these comforters will keep you toasty in winter without overheating during the summer. As with the conventional down bed comforters, these alternatives are made to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep. Because here at Zen Bedrooms we are committed to sustainability and green business practices, all our products are made out of locally sourced material.

Finding the Best Comforters for You

When choosing the best comforter, it is important to have a look at the fill rating of each one. The fill rating is our way of appraising the comforters for warmth and insulation by telling you the level of insulation or loft. The greater loft, the more air is present that can be warmed up. Essentially, the higher the fill level, the greater the level of warmth you can expect from your bed comforter. In this way you can choose the best one for you depending on your personal preference, the bedding you are already using, and the time of year.

Tranquil Shopping at Zen Bedrooms

At Zen Bedrooms we want your shopping experience to be as pleasant as your night’s sleep, therefore we strive to ensure ease and simplicity when ordering and paying for a bed comforter. You can expect your product to arrive between one and four weeks after you have placed an order. Upon ordering you will be provided with a personalized tracking code sent via email. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may send it back within 7 days of receiving for a full refund. That is how confident we are that you will be satisfied with Zen Bedrooms comforters and wake up after sleeping under one well rested and refreshed.