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Shopping for comforters can seem easy enough, but after reading even one down comforter review you'll begin to see terms like "tog", "fill power" and "ounces" thrown around. Suddenly, down comforter shopping seems much more confusing. What do these terms mean, and should they inform your selection

Comforters are made differently to suit the individual needs of the people who use them. An easy example is the different warmth levels that comforters are made in. People desire different warmth levels because of their personal sleep preferences, or because of how cold the climate is in the area they live.

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What does "fill power" mean?

Fill Power Range
  • Below 400 is best for summer months
  • 500-550 is best for spring and fall
  • 550-570 is best for winter months
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If you're looking at comforters you'll see the word "fill power" used often. This is letting you know the amount of down clusters it takes to fill an ounce. The higher the number, the bigger the individual down cluster is. Luxury comforters will have very high fill powers, making them the warmest, fluffiest, longest lasting and insulating comforter choices.


Why should I pay attention to how many ounces a comforter is?

Paying attention to how many ounces a comforter weighs is very important because that's the best way to find out how warm it is. If you are comparing two different comforters that have the same fill power, the one that weighs more will be a warmer comforter.


Why would I prefer an alternative to down?

Many prefer down comforters because of how warm and insulating they are, but down is not a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. Down products are made of natural materials, but will require more frequent washings to prevent bacteria growth and dust mites. There are many down alternative products that will offer you a cozy night's sleep, and are more allergy and wallet friendly. Down alternatives are synthetic fibers, with the exception of wool, that are made to mimic the look, feel and warmth of down.


How do you choose the size of your comforter?

When you are choosing you comforter size, you shouldn't just buy a twin-size comforter because your mattress is a twin bed. Although most mattresses are about the same size, there are usually a few inches of size difference between the mattresses of different companies. This difference in sizes may only be a few inches but could change your coverage. A properly sized comforter will make a better display on your bed and will cover you better when you are sleeping.

Having a bed partner might also be a good reason to get a slightly larger comforter. Paying tug of war with the comforter through the night is not a great way to get a restful sleep. For an example, having a king size comforter on your queen size bed could help you and your partner fit comfortably underneath and sleep pleasantly.

Zen Collection Quick Insights
 Zen BedroomsPottery Barn
Product Over Size White Goose Down Comforter Luxury Down Comforter
Thread Count 425 400
Fill Power 500-700 500-700
Size King Size King Size
Price $380.00 $549.00
 Zen BedroomsThe Company Store
Product Over Size White Goose Down Comforter Alberta Baffled Goose Down Medium Warmth Oversized
Thread Count 425 200
Fill Power 600 600
Size King Size King Size
Price $380.00 $379.00
 Zen BedroomsLL Bean
Product Over Size White Goose Down Comforter Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter, Warmer
Thread Count 425 280
Fill Power 600 600
Size King Size King Size
Price $380.00 $439.00