Cloud Brushed Flannel Hooded Unisex Robe

Richly Relaxed

Product details

  • Thick Cotton Flannel
  • Pill Resistant
  • Hooded
  • Side-Seam Pockets
  • Shawl Collar

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Super Soft

Thick cotton flannel keeps you snug while staying light over your nightwear.


Styled for all genders.


Two convenient side-seam pockets give your hands a place to rest.


The Cloud Brush Robe sports a protective hood and shawl collar.

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Customer Reviews

Cloud Brushed Flannel Robe

Review by on 1/3/13


I own a pair of flannel sheets but this robe feels softer and I find it to be more comfortable. I ordered it one size too big, but since it's a robe I've grown to like the hugeness of it. Because of that it goes lower down my leg than intended but again, it turns out I like that better. Last year I bought a $30 robe from Amazon and it ended up pilling after 6 months. I haven't owned this one for 6 months but would be shocked if it pilled anytime in the near future, it is a quality product.

Very nice robe

Review by on 12/30/12


This is a comfortable medium-weight, soft, and comfortable robe that really can be worn by anyone. I didn't think I'd have any use for the hood but it always ends up over my head when I'm watching TV on the couch in the mornings. It hasn't shown any signs of pilling and is well made in every way. Great robe, I recommend it!

Neutral robe

Review by on 11/1/12


Every single type of clothing doesn't have to be masculine or feminine and this robe proves it. The colors are balanced and the robe itself is on the heavier side and very soft. I've found it to be very comfortable and I end up wearing it for much more of the day than I plan to, but that's ok!

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