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cm Many people invest time and money into buying expensive coats to wear on occasion. Plenty of others are extremely fussy about the shoes they put on their feet. Often however, these same people will spare little thought for the duvet and bedding which they can cover themselves in as they sleep. At Zen Bedrooms, we believe that when you buy duvet online, you should expect the very best from your purchase. With our quick guides, you can learn about the best duvets available, what each one does and which one is right for you

What duvets are available?

What to look for in your duvet

How to purchase

What duvets are available?
When you look to buy duvet online, there are a seemingly endless variety of different duvets to pick from. With natural and synthetic products available in a wide array of sizes, it is important you discover what you need from a duvet, so we can help you create your ideal sleeping environment.

What to look for in your duvet
To differentiate between qualities of duvets, check these main factors when making your choice.

This sounds basics but make sure you choose a duvet that is slightly larger than your mattress. No one wants frosty feet!

The filling gives the duvet its volume and level of comfort. At Zen Bedrooms, we understand the importance of warmth and cosiness whilst you sleep.

The tog of your duvet will tell you how warm it will be. Many people increasingly choose different tog levels to reflect seasonal differences.

Thread Count
Extremely important, this is the amount of threads use in the woven duvet cover. The higher the thread count, the greater your comfort will be. Better still, these will last longer and prove better value for money!

How to Purchase
Sleep represents a relaxing sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life for many people. Here at Zen Bedrooms, we are dedicated not just to the highest quality goods for your sleep sanctuary but also providing an easy to use, hassle free service. On our friendly website, Zen Bedrooms allows you to eschew the horrors of high street shopping and create your ideal bed from the comfort of your own home. We will help you find which product is right for you and your family with our information guides. Best of all, once you’ve made your selection, we’ll deliver it right to your front door! So what are you waiting? Click here to view the amazing range of duvets we have available right now!