Box Springs & Foundations

  • Foldable Box Spring/Foundation

    Convenient & Functional

    Foldable Box Spring/Foundation
    • Heavy-gauge steel construction
    • Sturdy and dependable
    • Ensures long-lasting support and comfort.

    High Street Price: $299.00

    Our Price: $209.00

    + free shipping

  • Prestige Bed Frame

    Simple & Cost-Effective

    Prestige Bed Frame
    • Solid Steel Frame
    • Finish: Black Powder Coat
    • Easy Push Button Assembly

    High Street Price: $199.00

    Our Price: $129.00

    + free shipping

About our Box Springs & Foundations

About our Box Springs and Foundations

At Zen Bedrooms we believe that sleeping well is vitally important. That is why we offer a wide selection of bedroom furniture and accessories that help you enjoy comfortable and rejuvenating nights. Although originally we only produced mattresses, at Zen Bedroom we now provide everything you need for the perfect night’s sleep, from bed frames to pillow protectors. We believe that too little consideration is given to the importance of sleep and that we should all recognize the effect that good or bad sleeping habits can have on the way we live. At Zen Bedrooms we want to promote deep and sound sleeping for all at affordable prices and without hassle.

At Zen Bedrooms we offer Box Spring Foundations. Versatile and adaptable, these Box Springs are a strong place to start building up your Zen Bedroom. These foundations are designed to the size of a mattress so to create a simple and hassle-free make-shift bed. Like a regular bed frame our Box Springs offer sturdy support and raise you up from the ground. The heavy gauge steel frame will also increase the lifespan of your mattress by reducing the likelihood of sagging and by supporting the framework.

Our Products

At Zen Bedrooms we offer the Foldable Box Spring Foundation. This is a great product because as well as supporting your mattress this product is manageable and practical. In being foldable the product is easy to transport and maneuver. In addition to this the product comes in a flat package making it simple to move around corners and through doors. The flexibility of the Box Spring Foundation also means that if you ever need to change the location of the foundation, whether permanently or for a weekend when hosting guests, the folding feature will allow you to do so with minimum hassle. Once set in place, this Box Spring Foundation is quite bulky due to its size and weight; however it is the bulk that gives the foundation its strength and stability.

Our Prestige Bed Frame is our other Box Springs product. This foundation is both cost effective as well as space efficient. The simple design with a clean black finish means that this product will sit comfortably in a variety of different bedroom aesthetics and designs. The foundation is constructed out of solid steal and therefore is sturdy and reliable. You will not require any tools to open up this product as it can be released with merely the press of a button.

Zen Bedrooms Service

From browsing to using your purchase for the first time we would like the experience of shopping at Zen Bedrooms to be as Zen as possible. Because of this, at the moment of your purchase you will receive a unique order code which will allow you to track the progress of your product at all times as it makes its way to your bedroom. This means you need not worry about it getting lost or you being left in the dark. As we understand the importance of getting your bedroom just right, we also offer a free refund of up to 7 days for all our products. We hope that this gives you confidence when you make your order and ensures that you are happy with your final purchase. For additional questions or queries in regard to the Zen Bedrooms purchase and delivery process, please have a look at our FAQ page and see if you can spot the answer you are looking for. Failing that, please feel free to contact us using our online contact form.