Best Mattresses for Back Pain

What's the best Zen mattress for alleviating back pain?

Our mattresses are selected with great care and informed by evidence-based research. Pairing science with comfort, we offer some of the best mattresses for back pain on the diverse market. Our Memory Foam Mattress, Cool Gel Memory Mattress, Kalli Mattress, and Inner Spring Mattress collections each provide unique solutions to your individual needs by soothing a wide range of back problems.

Why is Memory Foam good for your back?

Zen's Classic and Luxury memory foam mattresses provide unparalleled support by cradling your body's natural spine curvature.

How does it work?


Memory foam keeps your body on a flat and leveled plane so no individual parts of your body are higher or lower than the rest. This provides consistent relief for pressure points, allowing you to almost immediately feel pain relief in your back, hips, and shoulders.


Conforming and molding to your body is what memory foam does best. This equal support system deters your lower spine from being placed in an unnatural position that leads to stress and pain. Having equal pressure on your body throughout the night limits your need to toss and turn. It also promotes uniform blood flow.


Choosing the right firmness is an important factor in benefiting from a memory foam mattress. Memory foam comes in a wide range of densities with varying health benefits. A medium density memory foam mattress has the highest customer reviews when it comes to lower back pain relief.


What is Memory Foam Density?

Memory foam mattresses come with different density and firmness levels to suit your personal preferences. Density relates to how much the foam weighs per cubic foot. It's important to note however that the firmness of your memory foam mattress is measured by indention force deflection (IFD) and not by density. Nonetheless, density measurements do provide key insights into firmness rankings and categories.

You can understand a lot about a memory foam mattress simply by knowing its density. Use the chart below to get a better sense of density performance.

Degenerative Disk:

Although not formally a disease, degenerative disk disease refers to the deterioration of spinal discs as you age. The result is intense pain, damaged nerve function, and restricted mobility.

Density Comparison Ratings Customer Approval Ratings: 90%, 85%, & 80%
 Firm (5lbs/ft+)Medium (2.5-4lbs/Ft+)Soft (1-2.5lbs+)
Overall owner ratings 85% 90% 85%
Price 85% 85% 90%
Durability 90% 90% 85%
Firmness 90% 90% 85%
Lifespan 85% 90% 85%
Pain relief 85% 90% 90%
Motion isolation 90% 90%< 85%
Base Support Layer 90% 90% 85%
Initial odor 80% 85% 90%
Low heat retention 80% 85% 90%
Warranties 90% 90% 85%
Zen Collection Quick Insights
Luxury;Medium2" memory foam & 6" foam base
Classical Medium 1.5" memory foam & 6.5" foam base
Dorm Soft 1" memory foam & 5" foam base
Advanced Gel Medium 2" Gel memory foam & 6" foam base

What are the benefits of the Kalli Plush and Pillow Top Mattresses?

Spine alignment:

The conforming properties of Chrio-Tech Coils (Plush) and Chrio-Span Posturization (Pillow Top) reduce body pressure points and ensure proper spine alignment.

Conforming support:

Both mattresses feature 2" convoluted comfort toppers that promote open airflow to transfer heat away from your body.

Reduced motion disturbance:

Independently encased coils help you and your partner sleep soundly and healthier.

Expanded sleeping surface:

The foam encasement provides a durable sitting edge that increases your stability and the sleep surface area.


What are the benefits of the Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Gel Infused:

This bed features reactive gel beads that mold to the contour and shape of your body the moment you lie down. This mattress adapts so well you'll have some of the best sleep in years after the first night.

Active Air Technology:

Maintaining comfort levels, the foam utilizes a network of air passages running through it that help to improve air circulation and regulate temperature.

NanoCool Technology:

The special 210TC microfiber cover wicks away moisture for a cooler, dryer sleep.


Dust mite resistance and hypoallergenic properties are inherent within this mattress, making it perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skin.


Adjustable Beds & Health Prosperity?

If you have been diagnosed with a specific back condition, in contrast to a non-specific condition or problem, you might be surprised to know that adjustable beds have therapeutic benefits that are helpful for severe spine problems.

Since adjustable beds help you set and maintain a range of healthful body positions, a simple remote control is all you need for a life changing sleep experience.

Spinal Stenosis:

Raising both your feet and head—mirroring the fetal position—provides middle and lower back pain relief throughout the night.

Herniated disk or degenerative disk disease:

Pain resulting from disk disease can be relieved by changing your firmness and sleep geometry to shift emphasis away from a mispositioned or inflamed disk. The range of possible motions on the adjustable bed is perfect for upper back pain relief.

Non-specific back pain:

If you suffer from general backaches, elevating your knees above the rest of your body is a great way to reduce strain on your lower back while reducing the tension on your neck muscles.

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Zen Mattress Ratings for Back Pain Relief
 Neck PainLower Back PainUpper & Middle Back PainSpinal StenosisHerniated DiskDegenerative Disk
Luxury Memory Foam Mattress A- A A B+ B+ B+
Classic Memory Foam Mattress B+ A- A- B B B
Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress A- A A B+ B+ B+
Dorm Mattress B+ B+ B+      
Classic Inner Spring Mattress B- B B      
Comfort Inner Spring Mattress B+ B+ B+      
Kali Plush Mattress B+ A- A- B B B
Warranties B+ A- A- B B B