Bedding Buying Guide


Nothing compares to the warm, cozy feeling of your bed after a long day, but finding the perfect combination of sheets, shams, and covers has become increasingly complicated. With endless varieties of knits, weaves, and fabrics, it can be a headache just to figure out what you're looking at!

To make matters worse, there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about the features, advantages, and drawbacks of certain fabrics, making your decision that much more difficult. Before you tear your hair out in frustration, get your questions answered in ourBedding Buying Guide, with details about fabric type, durability, and much more.

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Fibers and Fabrics and Weaves—Oh My!

One of the most confusing parts about shopping for bedding is the litany of terms; we've all heard of percale sheets, but is percale a weave, fabric, or both? [spoiler alert: both]

Understanding the properties of different fabrics is essential to determining which sheets offer the right blend of warmth and comfort, but first, let's take a moment to get familiar with bedding lingo and the way fabric is made.


The starting point for all bedding, fibers are the raw materials that compose your sheets.Cotton fibers are commonly used for bed sheets and other types of clothing, and go through a detailed process to become a bedroom product. Other common bedding fibersinclude wool and flax.


The fibers are cleaned and combed, then spun into yarn on a modern spinning frame.

Weave or Knit= FABRIC

Weave: One common method for making fabric, warp threads are interlaced at a right angle on a machine called a loom.

Knit: Another common method for making fabric, one continuous yarn is looped repeatedly to create a series of rows.

The combination of yarn, weave or knit, and all other details implemented during production, a fabric is the end result of this process.

Returning to the example of percale sheets, percale describes both the type of weave and the resulting fabric—yeah, that's a lot of percale! Now that we've established the basics, let's look at the properties of various fabrics to help refine your search.

Zen Tip: Common weaves include 'plain,' 'twill,' and 'satin,' but all three have many subcategories, creating another point of confusion for consumers. For example, percale weave is one type of plain weave.


Choosing Your Bed Sheets

Sheets complete your bed, providing warmth and comfort while staying close to your body all night long. Everyone has different preferences for softness and feel, and different fabrics offer various levels of warmth and breathability, with options for every climate and set of customer needs.

There are three primary factors to consider when buying sheets: fiber, weave, and thread count. As we've learned, a fabric is the combination of all three, and the following list describes what you'll find at Zen Bedrooms. Thread count varies from product to product, so look for that figure when choosing your sheets. The following guide is helpful not only for sheets, but for any fabric products.

Cotton/Polyester Blend:

Offering the comfort and softness of cotton at an amazing price, a cotton/polyester blend is one of the best value-friendly choices for your bedroom. Cotton/polyester is wrinkle-free, giving your bed a sleek look with lasting durability.


Made in either plain or twill weave, flannel is loosely stitched for a warm and fuzzy feel. Recognizable by its slight fuzz, flannel is perfect for those who want cozy bedding.

From Zen Bedrooms: Cloud-Brushed Flannel Sheets

Egyptian Cotton:

Known as the best in the world, Egyptian cotton sheets offer the ultimate inluxury bedding. Its long-staple cotton fibers can be spun thinner for strong and durable fabric, but buyer beware: the best Egyptian cotton sheets areonly made fromcotton grown in the right combination of heat and humidity. Some manufacturers grow their cottonin less-than-optimal conditions—loweringquality, whilestillcharging exorbitant prices. At Zen Bedrooms, we only use 100% Egyptian Cotton for the finest possible bed sheet, held to the highest standard and offered to you at a bargain price.

From Zen Bedrooms: Organic Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


Named for the island of Jersey, this fabric is renowned for its ability to stretch. Jersey is thin, lightweight, with softness you have to feel to believe. For classic t-shirt feel and strong knit, you can't do any better than jersey sheets.

From Zen Bedrooms: Jersey Sheet Sett


Plain-woven and with high thread count, percale sheets are an excellent choice for those who want soft sheets during the warmer months. Ultra-soft and airy, percale sheets keep you cool and comfortable while providing outstanding durability and value.

From Zen Bedrooms: 300 TC Cotton Percale Sheets


Tight satin weave gives sateen sheets a warm and comforting feel, perfect for snuggling up during the cooler months. A high proportion of vertical threads make sateen one of the softer fabrics, with lustrous sheen adding a sleek finish to your bedroom.

From Zen Bedrooms: Sateen Sheets


The best option for winter warmth, wool is naturally insulating and absorbent for the ultimate dry comfort during the colder months. Wool is an excellent choice for a blanket or cover, giving you an extra layer of warmth with a soft feel.

From Zen Bedrooms: Cozy Cotton Blanket


Useful Bedding Terms

Machine Washable:

Sheets that are not machine-washable can be difficult to care for, so you may want to limit your search to sheets that can be thrown in the washer for an easy clean.

Zen Tip: Frequent washing, combined with the use of fabric softener, causes cheaper sheets to fade in a short period of time.

Machine Washable:

A primary determiner of sheet softness, durability, and proneness to shrinking, thread count represents the number of threads woven into 1 square inch of fabric. Be careful: many manufacturers provide deceptive thread counts, misrepresenting the actual figure in hopes of a quick sale. At Zen Bedrooms, we let our quality speak for itself, and our high-quality sheets are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.


Sheet sizing is generally straightforward, but there are a few exceptions. For those with a pillow-top mattress, we suggest deep-pocket sheets fitted with extra-deep corners.


Refers to the length of cotton fiber, directly relating to the quality and durability of a fabric. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are renowned for their long staple, making it soft, luscious, and long-lasting.


Stylize Your Bedroom

The other side ofchoosingbed sheets has little to do with functionality; for those looking to spice up the bedroom, Zen Bedrooms has what you're searching for. Our concise yet impressive assortment of bedding offers a variety of patterns and colors that are sure to fit your style.

From the intricately-detailed Henna Percale Sheets to elegant Crochet-Trimmed Sheets , our bedding gives you a blend of comfort, style, and value that you simply can't find anywhere else. Our sheets are available in a wide variety of colors, covering the full spectrum of designs and color schemes, ensuring that you find the perfect bed sheets for your home.