Bed Buying Guide


Choosing the right bed frame foryour mattress, and a knockout bedroom set, can be a tedious yet rewarding process. This buying guide is meant to help you navigate the subtle fine points and engagingdiversity of our bed collections. Whether you've already cultivated your own fashion sensibilities, or you're entirely new to the world of bedroom aesthetics, we hope this guide helps.

If you have a defined style, and a carefully thought-out approach to your bedroom décor,it's important to note that your tastes can slowly evolve in strikingly simple ways; browsing our collection will leave you feeling like there is promising potential within genres you've never thought possible before.

Now if you are new to the process of crafting the perfect bedroom, rather than being overwhelmed by the variety—let's start your quest with quick insights and tips, and then move to outlining the broader styles we offer.

It's our pleasure to help you create ameaningful bedroom that reflects a bit of your personality while also fulfilling your functional needs.


How to Navigate Style:

• Consider your tactual preferences

There are many philosophies of beauty, but how much philosophy do you need with it comes to touch? Even if your sense of touch doesn't seem to carry as much weight as sight in your everyday life, it plays a significant role in your bed frame composition and overall appeal. Start by asking yourself some basic questions:

Do I like the pairing of…

Each of these aesthetics is covered in our selection, and you will find that they can crisscross to provide you with a palpable balance.


Bedroom Styles

As you browse our beds you will notice terms like Traditional, Modern, Rustic, Baroque,Vintage,and Romantic. Let's look at what these terms mean in a broad sense; the more you know about them the easier it will be to define your style, navigate the whirlwind of choices, and over time have your tastes organically evolve.


Modern is a pithy umbrella term thatin actuality includesseveral genres: Contemporary, Industrial, and Minimalist. By and large, modern design can be utilized for any bedroom set, regardless of the material used. Informed by minimalist architecture design philosophies, Modern tends to move away from ornate accent pieces. Modern beds highlight very simple structures by removing non-essential forms so the fewest number of pieces become an elemental centerpiece. This is a lot to take in, but a simple way of seeing the difference is to compare a metal Romantic or Majestic bed to a Modern metal bed.


With the Romantic bed you will find intricate and curling headboards. You may also find stylized side rails that lead to an ornate footboard. When you compare this to a contemporary metal bed, you find a headboard that emphasizes basic lines and flowing symmetry. The side rails tend to be simple and lead to a footboard that's very mathematical with basic curved lines or geometric shapes to create a clean and airy feel.


Rustic architecture is an American craftsman style that focuses on rural charm and pastoral nuances. Despite its basis in simplicity, wood design has jaw-dropping construction versatility. Since wood comes in awide range of colors and looks, craftsman dabble in aesthetics that are focused on bringing texture and earth tones to life. Rustic is the perfect motif if you want a natured-inspired atmosphere that's homely, meditative, and vibrant.

Keep in mind that modern rustic designs are an option if you're considering a balance between wood and minimalism. Rustic also refers toawildly rich range of colors that can apply to wood beds that don't have rustic architectural elements—as well as metal beds with various design influences.

Traditional vs.Vintage

Traditional beds are, in most cases, made from wood—but there are some metal examples. Beds that are typically described as Traditional have oversized headboards and footboards that can be curved, tapered, or accented. You may notice larger bed posts and a bulkier bed frame in general. Another facet of Traditional is ornate designs complimented by metal work or stone. Typically you find dark wood and finishes with these pieces much in the same fashion as Vintage.

Vintage Style may reflect Traditional Design, but it most commonly refers to pieces that aesthetically reference a historical period or motif from a particular era. Imitating bygone fashion is always in vogue—as it seems our fads recycle through the decades, building on the previous declaration of artistic standards. Vintage is our "ode" to the past, our celebration of unforgotten beauty.

Baroque & Romantic

Baroque, much in the same fashion as Vintage, represents artistic tastes of the distant past. This period specifically spans the 17th and 18th centuries and classifies European architecture, music, and art.Homes and the interior decorating of them exhibit attributes that are ornate, ostentatious, and bursting with organic detail.

Baroque design is often seen as Romantic, because of its usage of soft curves, floral patterns, and the sumptuous flaunting of incredible detail.


How to Choose Materials:

We currently carry four different bed frame types: Wooden, Metal, Adjustable, and Leather. Each one of these lovely splays offers a surprising range of in vogue style possibilities ranging from Baroque to Modern. Let's take a closer look at each one individually, and highlight their adaptive and harmonious features:

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Leather Beds
Metal Bed Frames
Adjustable Beds
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