Air Weight Bath Towel

Spirited bath linens inspired by nature.

Product details

  • Material: Organic Cotton
  • Weave: Twill
  • Color Options: Graphite, Natural, White, Taupe, Terra Cotta, French Blue, Mustard, Dusty Aqua, Mulberry, Green Tea, Orchid
  • GSM: 550
  • Size: (27" x 54")

Product benefits

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dries Quickly
Air Weight Bath Towel

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Product Features

Soft & Durable

Organic cotton is carefully-woven for a weighty and durable bath towel.

Absorbent & Airy

Loomed from pure organic cotton, our Air Weight Bath Towel is both absorbent and airy for a quick dry.

Organic Luxury

100% organic cotton is free of dyes or toxic substances for an irritation-free bath towel.

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Delivery Information

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Customer Reviews

Great towel

Review by on 11/8/12


The difference between this towel and the one I jsut replaced is almost too much for words! While my old one was thin, non-absorbent, scratchy, and a boring color, this one is the oppostie across the board. Thick, absorbent, soft and smooth, plus a myriad of color options. Can't ask for anything else!

Big and soft

Review by on 10/16/12


Great towel!! Feels so great to dry off with this towel after a hot bath. No more freezing in the bathroom as I scramble to get my clothes!

King Towel :)

Review by on 9/29/12


I recently bought a calvin klein bath towel off amazon and still needed some for my guest bedroom, so I subsequently purchased this one. I was curious to see which one I'd like better and was surprised when this one far outperformed the CK. It's noticeably softer and I think I also got more towel for my money.

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