Adjustable Beds

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About our Adjustable Beds

Healthy Sleeper
Whether you have ailing back problems or need a versatile range of positions for sleep serenity, our Classical Adjustable Bed is an ideal choice. Everyone has their favorite sleeping position, and with an adjustable bed, you can use a remote control to find it. Moreover, you can utilize new sleeping positions that weren't possible in a standard bed. Adjustable beds are also a quintessential solution for people who suffer from back pain. For instance, raising both your feet and head is beneficial for spinal stenosis. Pain from a herniated disk or degenerative disk disease can be relieved by shifting emphasis away from a displaced or inflamed disk. And if you suffer from non-specific back pain, elevating your knees above the rest of your body is a great way to reduce strain on your lower back.

Adjust to Your Needs
Our Classic Adjustable Bed comes with an easy-to-use remote, locking casters, and the gravity safety release feature that allows you to move the bed downward by leaning on it, as opposed to pulling upward. Ideal for people who have limited mobility because of age or an injury, the Classic Adjustable Bed is easy to maneuver and lock into a secure position.

We Have Your Bed
Our beds are made from the best materials, assembled with care by our bedroom professionals, and sold to you under the comfort and protection of the Zen Guarantee. We offer secure and convenient on-line purchasing with a hassle-free 7 day return policy. Our bed selection comes from extensive research paired with analytical insight into expert and customer feedback. We are proud to offer a beautiful range of popular and fashionable beds at unbeatable prices.