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  • Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

    Versatile BBQ Cooking

    Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

    + free shipping

  • Natural Bamboo & Zero Twist Cotton Towels
    • 65% Zero Twist Cotton
    • 35% Natural Bamboo
    • 600 plus GSM

    + free shipping

  • Ultimate Pillow Protector

    Ultimate Pillow Protection

    Ultimate Pillow Protector
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Keeps away dust mites and allergens
    • Prolongue your pillows life

    High Street Price: $39.99

    Our Price: $12.99

    + free shipping

  • Luxury 7 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

    Supreme cotton for supreme softness

    Luxury 7 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
    • 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton
    • 500 GSM
    • Satin Detailing

    High Street Price: $99.00

    Our Price: $49.00

    + free shipping

  • BBQ Grill Mat

    Versatile BBQ Cooking

    BBQ Grill Mat
    • Set of 2 matts
    • Safe non stick material
    • Stops food from falling into cracks
  • Smokeless Stovetop BBQ Grill

    The Perfect BBQ Accessory

    Smokeless Stovetop BBQ Grill
    • For us with electric, gas or propane stoves
    • Allows you to barbecue year round
    • Non stick surface makes cooking easy
  • Silicone BBQ/Oven Gloves

    Clever New Gloves

    Silicone BBQ/Oven Gloves
    • FDA Approved Silicone
    • No-Slip Five Finger Design
    • Heat-Resistant to 425 Degrees
  • Scandanavian Mini Barbeque

    Small and Stylish

    Scandanavian Mini Barbeque
    • Scandinavian design creates best flavour
    • Compact shape ideal for storage
    • Perfect for summer feats

    + free shipping

  • Outdoor Gas Heater

    Stay Warm Outside

    Outdoor Gas Heater
    • Keep the outdoor party going longer
    • Adjustable temperature controls
    • Safe and economic design

    + free shipping

  • Ornate Clay Cimenea

    Decorative and keeps you warm

    Ornate Clay Cimenea
    • Decoration for you garden
    • Keeps everyone warm in the evenings
    • Gorgeous Design

    + free shipping

  • 200TC Queen Pillowcase

    Supreme cotton for supreme softness

    • 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton
    • 500 GSM
    • Satin Detailing

    High Street Price: $22.99

    Our Price: $14.99

    + free shipping

About our Accessories

Brilliant bedroom accessories for that finishing touch

Here at Zen Bedrooms we are proud of the high-quality bed frames, mattresses, pillows and bedding that we are able to offer our customers. Zen Bedrooms began offering only mattresses; however, we soon realized that our customers wanted the same quality in every aspect of their bedrooms. With this in mind, the Zen Bedrooms range quickly expanded to include everything you could ever need – and a few things you might not have thought of.

Zen bedrooms' range of bedroom accessories is no exception and, to complement our many other high-quality products, we are now able to offer a range of mattress protectors and bath towels so you can add the final touches to your perfect bedroom. In addition to this, our bedroom accessories will also help you to get the most of any other products your may have purchased from Zen Bedrooms.

Protect your investment with mattress protectors from Zen Bedrooms

Whilst Zen Bedrooms strives to bring you the best mattress prices on the market, we realize that a high-quality mattress is a large investment that should last you many years. That is why our bedroom accessories include a range of mattress protectors to ensure you can prolong the life of your mattress and get the most from your investment. All of our mattress protectors offer waterproof technology to protect against spills, combined with an unobtrusive profile that allows you to protect your mattress without compromising on comfort.

Our mattress protectors also offer an economical way to reduce allergies and protect your mattress from unwanted bed bugs and dust mites which may cause other discomfort or irritation. Available in a range of sizes and depths, Zen Bedroom's mattress protectors are the perfect accessory to your high-quality mattress and bed frame.

Bath Towels

Also included in our range of bedroom accessories is a selection of high quality bath towels that are the perfect addition to your bathroom. Soft, absorbent, durable and hypoallergenic; Zen Bedrooms offers a range of towels in both Bamboo with Zero Twist cotton and Egyptian cotton to ensure you enjoy superior, natural softness that won't irritate sensitive skin.

Our Bamboo with Zero Twist cotton towels are resistant to odor, mold, mildew and other bacteria, which makes them the perfect choice for customers with allergies. These towels retain their softness wash after wash and are extremely durable. Our luxurious Egyptian cotton towels become softer with each wash whilst still retaining their finely woven quality. All of our towels come in range of colors to complement your current decor and help you to create a Zen-like atmosphere for your bathroom or bedroom.

Zen Bedrooms Quality Guarantee

As with all of our products, Zen Bedrooms guarantees that you will be happy with the quality of your bedroom accessories. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, then we are happy to offer a stress-free 7-day return policy so you can rest easy knowing that you are fully covered. If you have any further questions regarding our bedroom accessories, any of our other products, our return policy or anything else, then please take a look at our FAQ page or contact one of our sleep experts who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, take a look at our customer testimonials and judge Zen Bedrooms' service for yourself :