About Memory Foam Products


How Memory Foam Works:

Memory foam is made from visco-elastic polymers and is comprised of billions of small, open cells that expand and shrink in response to temperature and pressure.  When you lie on a memory foam mattress, air flows slowly between these cells, giving them time to gently give to the contours of your body, distributing weight evenly across the mattress. This can reduce localised pressure, assist circulation and encourage a more comfortable sleep.

Visco-elastic foam is slower to recover from compression than traditional polyurethane foam products. Because it is energy absorbing and temperature sensitive, it readily reacts to heat by moulding itself perfectly around any source of compression.  

Improved Quality of Sleep:

Some people with back pain are advised to lie on their sides to help with back pain and problems, but this can be a difficult task on the wrong mattress. The pressure points in this position are the hips and shoulders and, after a while, discomfort may often build.

It is the body’s attempt to relieve this pressure and discomfort that can cause a sleeper to toss and turn in the night, losing sleep in the process.

Memory foam is temperature and pressure sensitive and therefore it reacts to the sleeper, moulding around the body and reducing pressure against it.  This pressure relief and increased support of your body can help to reduce restlessness in the night and improve the quality of your sleep. 

Notably, a memory foam mattress or topper can be specifically helpful for couples to sleep soundly by reducing the effect of other sleepers’ movements in the bed. As memory foam cradles the specific contours of each person’s body and disperses weight evenly, couples are likely achieve a more harmonious sleep without disturbing one another in the night.


Choosing Zen Bedroom Memory Foam

At Zen, we know the importance of a good night’s rest. That’s why our memory foam mattresses are made from our highest quality memory foam and are carefully designed for premium luxury.

The base layer of your mattress is as important as the memory foam layer. It's the combination of the high density rebound foam and the top visco elastic foam that provide the balance between absorption and firmness to ensure optimal support and alignment of your body. The Zen memory foam mattress is made from advanced, high-density polyurethane foam at its base layer, beneath of our most optimum memory foam.  

Zen memory foam products are produced and manufactured in the UK and USA using the most technologically advanced memory foam and techniques. Rest assured that when you purchase a Zen Memory Foam product, you are buying a product of the highest quality available on the market – not a cheap import.

Zen Memory Foam is a revolutionary slow recovery range of Visco-Elastic polymers that are designed to provide support and protection where it’s needed most.

Our aim is to ensure that introducing any of our products to your bedroom will create a new sleeping experience, by increasing support and comfort that can help reduce restlessness and encourage more peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.